Routeset at Movement Centennial: Climbing Jobs Weekly 2024
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Routeset at Movement Centennial: Climbing Jobs Weekly 2024

The Routeset at Movement Centennial – Climbing Jobs Weekly 2024 January 25

If you are a passionate climber and are looking for an exciting job opportunity, then you might want to consider the Routeset position at Movement Centennial. Movement Climbing + Fitness is a leading indoor climbing gym that offers a variety of routesetting job opportunities for climbers who want to take their passion to the next level.

The Routeset position at Movement Centennial is a unique and challenging job that requires a high level of skill and creativity. As a routesetter, you will be responsible for designing and setting routes on the gym’s climbing walls. This involves creating a variety of routes that cater to climbers of different skill levels, from beginners to advanced climbers.

In addition to setting routes, you will also be responsible for maintaining the quality and integrity of the climbing walls. This includes regularly testing and adjusting routes to ensure that they are safe and challenging for climbers.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Routeset position at Movement Centennial is the opportunity to work with a team of experienced and passionate climbers. As part of the routesetting team, you will have the chance to collaborate with other routesetters and climbers to create innovative and dynamic routes that push the boundaries of indoor climbing.

To excel in this role, candidates should have a strong understanding of climbing techniques and movement, as well as a creative and innovative mindset. Previous routesetting experience is preferred, but Movement Centennial is also open to training candidates who have a strong passion for climbing and a willingness to learn.

In addition to a competitive salary, Routesetters at Movement Centennial also receive a range of benefits, including access to the gym’s facilities and discounts on gear and apparel.

If you are ready to take your love for climbing to the next level and are interested in the Routeset position at Movement Centennial, then be sure to check out the job posting on Climbing Jobs Weekly 2024 January 25. This is an exciting opportunity for passionate climbers who want to turn their hobby into a rewarding career. Apply today and take the first step towards an exciting career in the climbing industry.